Who we are


The Albanian Challenge project was born thanks to activities and a vision of Jan Balák – or “Challenger”, who visited the mountains of nothern Albania for the first time in 2012, and then also in the following two years. The expeditions were inspiring – and so was the potential of Curraj i Epërm, an abandoned village in midst of natural beauty. A thought presented itself: „What if we not only come back next year, but also create something new that might help the village?“
So it happened, that the first official frame to house these activities was created and the Albanian Challenge project was finally born. In the next 9 months, all sub-projects were prepared and made true – repairs of the village’s church , marking of tourist trails or construction of a bridge in the nearby village of Theth.



Who’s behind it

In 2015, around 100 volunteers joined us in our trip to Albania, and along with it, we also gained support of many sponsors and donors who wanted to help.
The core team for Albanian Challenge 2016 now consists of:

Honza “Challenger” Balák

Robert Dobra

Erika Lorencová

Vojta Kaska