The programme

Weekly program

The program is recommended, no one is forced to follow it.

Friday / Saturday:

  • Departure (from Brno / Bratislava), a night in the camp in Koman


  • 3-hour cruise along the Komani Lake.
  • Journey to the village, planned arrival sometime before dinner.


  • The first day in the village, teambuilding activities.
  • Workshops about Albania, Albanian language, Albanian culture.


  • Work according to the focus of your team, leisure activities, tournaments (games).
  • Evening campfires.


  • During the day, work according to the focus of your team, games, swimming, trips.
  • A surprise activity for the whole day – for those interested.
  • A special meal – a roasted sheep or a boar + party!


  • Full day excursion to the Shpella e Zezë cave, work according to the orientation of your team, leisure activities and workshops.


  • Work according to the focus of your team, leisure activities.
  • A cultural experience in the evening 🙂


  • Morning departure from Curraj i Epërm. The boat leaves from Markaj at 13:00.

We will also try to arrange presence of a priest, for those interested in attending a catholic mass.

Activities in the area

Volunteers will be involved according to the focus of his team, or where they want or where needed. Members of the trail marking team will leave the Curraj i Epërm it groups consisting of 5 members for 3 – 5 days. Members of the supply team will leave the campsite in pairs for 2 – 3 days long supply missions. In the kitchen, most volunteers will work for about one day. Volunteers participate in all activities on their own responsibility.

         Tourist infrastructure

We plan to maintain our 110 km long network of tourist signs and marking of several kilometers of signs, which will maintain the path to Theth and Mulaj. The area west of Salcë, the other side of the Komani lake and the nearby village Mulaj will be explored.

For those, who want to participate in marking of the trails, it is important that you let us know as soon as possible! The teams are limited.

The bridge

Last year, we found out that a constructing a bridge is an excellent team-building activity. This year, we will build a bridge within the Curraj i Epërm village, which can be dismantled afterwards.

Adventure activities

The area around the Curraj i Epërm village is suitable for a broad range of adventurous activities. We plan to organize a horse race, prepare an „airport“ for paragliding, climbers can enjoy the unexplored mountains nearby, etc.

Community activities

We will organize a number of community activities in the village, such as dance courses and balls, food festivals, lectures and debates on interesting or controversial topics, learning Albanian or repairs of the church.