The hiking trails

Hiking, trekking and backpacking around Curraj – hike freely in the heart of the Albanian north

The network of trails we marked as a part of our volunteer activities connect Curraj i Epërm with other major points of interest in the Albanian Alps, like Theth, Valbonë and Koman Lake. Curraj is located centrally in between, it is only accessible by foot (min. 6 hrs hike from the Koman Lake) and therefore serves as an ideal crossroad for active tourists, hikers and backpackers alike. There is a camp run by a local man in cooperation with us during the summer, where you can meet other people as active as you are 🙂

So far, we’ve created more than 100 km of tourist trails in the wide area surrounding the village. Please do not underestimate these magnificient mountains and read our safety guidelines!

The trails we’ve marked so far:

  • Markaj (Koman Lake) – Curraj i Epërm – Theth (Dukagjin) – main transit path (red), connecting the Koman Lake and Theth through Curraj i Epërm. The route is approx. 33 kilometers long, recommended time for the whole route is 3-4 days. The Qafa e Boshit pass is located 1900 m. above sea level. There is usually lack of water in the segment from Curraj i Poshtëm to Curraj i Epërm. Last place where it is possible to refill water is in Qereç (read “Cherech”), close to the caves – there is no other possibility until you reach the Boshi pass (Qafa e Boshit), so don’t even try without refilling your bottles! Little streams of water might appear, if the snow is melting (there won’t be any during August 🙂 ).
  • Curraj i Epërm – Vranë – Lekbibaj – red trail, rich with sights, includes waterfalls and a romantic mountain pass. Approx. 14 km long, recommended time to take it is 1 day.
  • Vranë – Abat – red trail connecting Dukagjin and Nikaj Mertur valleys. 7 km, 8 hours.
  • Qereç – Dragobi (Valbonë) – red trail going through a mountain range at 2096 m, into the valley of Valbonë. In Dragobi, it connects to the main route to Valbonë. The segment from Qereç to Dragobi is extremely demanding and requires use of GPS navigation a and a supply of water from Qereç for at least 2 days!!! Definitely not suitable for beginners. Takes 2 days at minimum, it is 13 km long.
  • Curraj i Epërm West- Qereç – red trail that connects C.E. and Qereç, will be extended to Betoshë. 7 kilometers, 3 hours.
  • Lekbibaj – Salcë – Vuksanaj (Dukagjin)- Abat – blue trail, very attractive, goes through areas absolutely untouched by tourism. 35 kilometers, 3 days.
  • Curraj i Epërm – Lumi e Plans (sponsored by CK Alpina) – blue trail, goes through the valley of river Currajve to the valley of Lumi e Plans, where waterfalls can be found. Very suitable for an afternoon trip. The alternative route to Theth will make use of this segment in the future. 5 kilometers, 3 hours.
  • Curraj i Epërm – the Curraj river (Lumi i Currajve), called the Ondik’s trail – blue trail, going through the cascades of river Currajve in direction of Curraj i Poshtëm, it is planned that it will continue through the canyon. Another great choice for afternoon trips. 2 kilometers, 2 hours.
  • Lekbibaj bridge – Lekbibaj – yellow trail, connecting Lekbibaj with the main route to Curraj i Epërm. 2 kilomers, one hour.